- Ciappi got published in STREET MAGIC MAGAZINE ISSUE NUMBER 5!

- Ciappi is one of the featured artists in XTREME BEGINNERZ DVD II!

- Ciappi is been interviewed by Jerry Cestkowski on Magicbroadcast! You can download the interview here


X.C.M. stands for Xtreme Card Manipulation, this word is been coined by De’vo Vom Schattenreich and publically used for the first time in his interview on Genii Magazine - August      2004. XCM is a category of “Xtreme Hands Sports” with other ones like pen spinning, cup stackers, fingers exercises, coin manipulation, zippos, contact juggling, yoyo, freesbee, dices, rubberbands, weapons, books spinning etc…almost everything that can be handle in a fancy manner!In particular XCM is pure sleight of hand card manipulation, no magic patter/presentation involved, no card productions, no color changes, no back palming, only manual dexterity where the tools are the playing cards! Virtually the identity of the cards (pips, numbers, colors etc) have no importance! In fact one of my personal favourite deck, the Black Tiger Deck White Pips, have all the cards only black and white (see the photo)! There’re a lot of sports called “Xtreme”. What these sport have in common is the difficoulty of the moves in itself or the conditions/locations where they’re praticed that make them challenging! This idea can be easily transposed to Card Manipulation’s World. In particular the word “Xtreme” refers not only to the difficoulty of the moves (blindfolded,fired packets, aerial combo etc.)but to all the aspects of an XCM performance like the accurance, smoothness, creativity, speed, technique, number of moves etc. In other terms an XCM performance doesn’t mean that all the single stunts have to be exceptionally hard and risky, but even an astounding smoothness, creativity, speed make a card manipulation act Xtreme! If you think even a long combination of easy moves done at lightning speed becomes very challenging! XCM is truly an Art, performed with its own presentation, lights, music, sound effects and almost everywhere, close up, stage, or street! I’m hope that you’ll have fun with it like I have! To know more about XCM check the links page.