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- http://www.superhandz.com/ This is the best site to have informations and to see videos about Xtreme Hands Sports, XCM and its artists


http://www.handlordz.com/  This is the personal site of Devo vom Schattereinch. Devo is not only an expectionally skilled artist but hes worlwide recognised as the leader of XCM movement, that he has greatly popularized


- http://www.flourishman.com/ Jerry Cestkowski is one the best XCM artist out there!Absolutely unbelievable!


http://www.streetmagicmagazine.com  This is the site of the Ultimate Magic Magazine in which there's always an awesome section totally dedicated to XCM


- http://www.pentrix.com/ This site gives you all the infos about Pen Spinning. The site is directed by KAM an extraordinary artist and web designer as well. Hes the Superhandz webdesigner too.


- http://www.contactjuggling.org/ Ive always enjoyed contact juggling and on this site you can find all the info/videos that you need