The Ulmen Trials is known as the world’s hardest card challenge. It consists of 13 steps, at each step the challenger has to complete difficult moves, or to create an original move to satisfy strict requirements. The prize for completing the trials is to attain the Ulmen “Master” title and a medallion in memory of the original Ulmen 4. The Ulmen Trials is about the individual, what they can do and push their internal limits to the end. This isn’t just about cards and what moves you can do, it’s about a personal commitment and the growth of both the human mind and body. To this date no one has ever completed the Ulmen Trials!


I went to Ulmen for the first time in july 2004 and in that occasion I have had to prove my abilities in the back of the castle surrounded by the Ulmen4 group members. After proving myself, I welcomed into the Ulmen4 group, and they scheduled me to be the first to attempt the trials for next year!

In september 2005 I taken part to the trials and I've exceeded the first step! To this date I'm the first Italian and also the first Superhandz member that has ever take part to the Ulmen Trials!

I've been lucky to meet personally De'vo and jam with him and the other Ulmen4 Kartenmeister!

For the first time the Ulmen4 judges gives the permission to take some footage of the trials.

You can download a mp4 version of these videos (needs Quicktime) by clicking here: video1, video2, video3, video4, or you can look for an on line version on Youtube.

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