Street Magic Magazine #5

In this issue of Street Magic Magazine I'm going to publish a my move called "Arc de Triumph". It's a fantastic technique to shoot cards from the back of the hand! It's ideal for stage and for close up as well!It's a killer!

You can see what it looks like clicking here

Xtreme Beginnerz II

I'm proud to be one the featured artists in the new De'vo's dvd Xtreme Beginnerz II 

In this dvd I'm going to teach the Palm Back Fans! For who don't know the Palm Back Fan technique is a very unique and versatile way to make perfect fans with the back of the hand!

In particular I'm going to teach three moves: the basic Palm Back Fan, the Giant Palm Back Fan and the Arena Display!I'm going to show other advanced applications as well!

You can download a Sneek Peek Video of XB II and see what Palm Back Fans look like here

For more info about XBII click here

XCM Challenge #6 - Multiple Decks

The goal of this challenge was to manipulate more decks at the same time!

You can download the video here

XCM Collaboration Video - The Kickass Video

This video is been done by the Hardcore Handlordz members: Fatz, Drake, Dredz, Ashtar5 and me

In order by appearance my personal moves are: 270 degrees PalmBack Fan (PBF) with catch behind the back, Full circle (360 degrees) PalmBack Fan with reverse closer, Arena display 1 version (backs out with reverse closer), Skyward, "S" PBFs, Gyroscopic card spin, Arena display 2 version (with double closer), Around the world routine!

You can download the video here